Karen Sampson is the NUES Curriculum Specialist. 

I would like to take a few minutes and introduce myself. I am the new Curriculum Specialist for NUES. As focus this year on the Common Core standards, NUES has sifted their emphasis to curriculum and supporting you in implementing the standards. I am eager to assist you in any way I can to make the transition for teachers a positive experience.

Services I can provide through workshops, in-service, faculty meetings, grade level support, gotomeeting or webinars include:

Common Core:

  • Real-time Curriculum Mapping
  • Pacing Guides
  • Crosswalks
  • Assessment and Data Analysis
  • Kindergarten Assessment and Support
  • DIBELS Training and Support
  • Lesson Plans/Planning and Ideas
  • Locating teaching materials that really do follow the common core strategies


  • Reading Strategies K12
  • ELL Accommodations/Reading or Math
  • Special Education Accommodations/Reading or Math
  • Inclusion strategies
  • RTI
  • Differentiating Instruction
  • Using Data to Drive Instruction
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Teaching Writing using the Common Core Standards
  • Book Talks or Book clubs with Faculties
  • Classroom Management/Student Engagement Techniques
  • Kagan Structures
  • Teaching with Interactive Notebooks and Foldables

Other Services

  • Modeling Best Practices
  • Research
  • Mini-Grant Writing
  • Parent Support/Parent and Community Meetings
  • Supplying Teacher Resource Books/Student Books and Materials. (I have a supply of Teacher Resource books, as well as student materials)
  • Collaboration and Support for Teachers

Contact Karen at to arrange professional development activities.


All Students Achieving Their Potential
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